Welcome to Bengal Carbon & Fluropolymer Technology

Bengal Carbon & Fluropolymer Technology established in 1989 and formerly it was known as Bengal Engineering Works. It specializes in manufacturing Electrical Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Complete Mechanical Seal, Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring, Silicon Carbide Seal Ring, Packing Ring, Piston & Guide Rings and other Engineered Metal & Non-Metal materials.

Our raw materials are being imported from world famous European Companies and as well as from Japan. We have modern testing equipment  to ensure the quality and consistency of our products to our customer.

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  • Quality

    Our products deserve consistency in high quality & efficiency. Ensuring to supply of quality products which helps to get long-life of your Motors, Pumps, Compressors  of your plant. We offer the best technical solutions to our honorable customers with the required customization.

  • Cost Effective

    We offer products with low cost but high quality. Our quality products help you to minimize maintenance cost, getting target production capacity by smooth and uninterrupted running of machineries. Finally, customers could minimize their production cost to an expected level which makes them easy to compete in the market.

  • Out-standing after-sales and repair services

    We offer an excellent after-sales services on all our products. Our qualified engineers ready to solve all kinds of mechanical problems related to our products. Besides, we also render repairing services by re-condition of all types of Mechanical Seals, which will surely save a huge cost.

  • Skilled Technical Staffs

    Our Company has highly skilled technical staffs including electrical and mechanical engineers who are always ready to render potential services to produce quality products and  provide maintenance or troubleshooting solution. They play a vital role for  the success of this company.

Message From CEO

Carbon,Graphite & Fluoropolymer have been playing a vital and important role for achieving an amazing success in the modern science & technology. Nothing can be imagined without  the presence Carbon & Fluorpolymer in all latest innovations to all high-tech engineering. Today’s science is greatly owed to these materials.

I am wholeheartedly passionate in introducing and developing diverse Engineered materials made of Carbon, Graphite & Fluoropolymer. Bangladesh is a country of high potentials, having many large & medium industries in all fields. So, I invested my all sincere efforts, genius, time and money for developing & innovating Carbon & Fluoropolymer made items since its inception. My past hard journey become successful & enriched our company’s name and fame throughout the country.

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